1. I will put the game before my crew and my crew before myself.
  2. I will protect my integrity, I will never violate my principles.
  3. I will assist, NOT resist fellow officials.
  4. I will make my presence felt but I will not be noticed.
  5. I will remain calm at all times.
  6. I will be consistent ALWAYS.
  7. I will not hesitate…. for then I will lose control.
  8. I will respect and earn the respect of the players, coaches, fans and media.
  1. I will know the rules of the game and employ professional judgement to administer the game.
  2. I will spread confidence … NOT mistrust.
  3. I will know the intent of the rule.
  4. I will be physically fit and professionally groomed.
  5. I won’t neglect fouls.. It will only lead to trouble.
  6. I won’t blow my whistle in anticipation.. I will be sure.
  7. Everything I do as a referee not only impacts my officiating image but also impacts the image of the league I am working as well as my fellow official.

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