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SOTG is the leading basketball official training organization, serving AAU, FIBA, USA Basketball, NIKE, Adidas, and Under Armour, RED Bull 3X3, and Hoop It Up.



We provide quality officiating to basketball organizations and event promotion companies around the country.


We strive to improve officiating through intense educational programs and training materials giving officials the opportunity to see high levels of play during the offseason.


Our services are carried out with professionalism in order to uphold the highest level of integrity.

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Our leadership team has over 60 years of experience in court management. We strive to deliver excellence to each vendor we service and provide excellence in education to each official in our organization. Our officials bring the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and respect to the court.

Shawn Goode
Ashlee Goode
Tyrus Mcbride

Formal education will make you a living.
Self-education will make you a fortune.


– Jim Rohn



I have attended the SOTG camp at LaSalle University for the last two years. Shawn and Ashlee's camps have been an invaluable resource and main component of my refereeing career advancement. The camp is professionally run and each court will have no less that 3 high level officials (D1, NBA, WNBA), college observers or assigners that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences, to help you understand your areas that need improvement. They don't over assign each camper, so you can be fresh for each game. SOTG camp will film you and your crew and have a professional referee break your game down with you, this is an extremely important teaching tool that is vital in elevating your game. The support doesn't end on the last day of camp either! The relationships that you develop with your fellow campers and observers are really the heart of our craft. These professionals dedicate their time for a "quick question", a play discussion, or just some reassurance or support. In the 2 years I have attended the camp I have gone from a jv official, to a full varsity schedule and I have just finished a second round state playoff game, and still in the pool for consideration for advancement. I would recommend that any official that is looking to grow and advance should look no further than SOTG, I am a proud member of the Family!

Anthony Porreca

I appreciate SOTG’s commitment to officiating excellence. During the off-season, we have access to quality basketball to keep our skills sharpened in addition to development conversations with other quality officials. I also appreciate the professionalism with which the organization is run.

Tommi Paris

SOTG provides a platform to officiate some of the best basketball during the summer time and has allowed me to grow as an official by seeing plays at a speed and level that are not always present during my basketball season. When I return to my job as a college official for the months of November through to March, I have the skills to handle situations and personalities through the events that SOTG has supervised during the summer months. SOTG has grown from a group to a family and continues its upward soar providing opportunities for new comers and for veterans wishing to give back and also build on their foundation.

Kylie Galloway

SOTG has helped me growth as a young official with play calling, handling coaches and being in the right spot to make the right call. The high level basketball that they provide allows me to see plays and handle situation at the highest level.

Shawn Stroud



For more information on our upcoming events, how to become a member of SOTG, or to have SOTG service your event, please contact us:

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    SOTG is the leading basketball official training organization, serving AAU, FIBA, USA Basketball, NIKE, Addidas, and Under Armor, RED Bull 3×3, and Hoop It Up.

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